Youth Embassy
of Slovak Republic

About the Embassy

Establishment of Youth Embassy of Slovak Republic (YESR) is an institution representing the citizens of Slovak Republic abroad and in the territory of Slovakia

Youth Embassy of Slovak Republic was established in July 2012 as a first organisation sui generis in Europe.

Main objectives of YESR are:

  • To represent youth in connection with national and international institutions.
  • To educate and delegate active young people to youth exchanges, trainings and conferences.
  • To co-operate with Slovak and foreign governmental and non-governmental organisations working with youth.
  • To support and promote active citizenship, tolerance and non-formal education.
  • To motivate and support young people.
  • To inform young people about opportunities they have as citizens of European Union.
  • To create local, national and international projects.
  • To build young people’s key competences (presenting, argueing , organisational/managerial  skills, etc.) and make them more attractive for the labor market.

Meetings by appointment through e-mail or phone.

The Youth Embassy of SR is not connected to the activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovak Republic and government authorities and operates independently within a form of a c. a.